Spur of the Moment Travel & Impulsive Behaviour

Airplane Taking-Off

I’m an impulsive person. I love the idea of running with an idea that pops into my head without giving it too much thought.

Some would argue that this is a reckless way to be. My dad would attest to that especially after some of my impulse purchases of the past!

I however, believe that integrating a bit of impulse action into your life creates the types of life experiences and funny stories that you’ll look back on fondly later in life (supposing you’ve not gone bankrupt and end up on the streets of course…!)

One of my favourite types of impulse action (I might coin this as a new phrase if it’s not been used already) is spur of the moment travel.

The other week, I decided on two cities I wanted to visit in the near future, labelled one ‘a’ and one ‘b’ and threw it out to a vote through my social media and peer networks and whichever got the most votes, I’d go to. Oslo won in the end and I’ll be visiting the city in a few weeks (posts to follow.)

Last night, I went to see my best mate after he’d came back from a three month stint in America. He’s going to Spain on Friday with his family and in passing suggested I come with him. An hour later, I’d booked the flights completely on a whim.

I love the feeling of spontaneity and the excitement that comes with it. Planning things in arduous detail just doesn’t produce that magical feeling that acting on impulse does.

Exciting or reckless? What do you think about impulsive behaviour?


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