Packing for Australia: Pre-trip stress

Pre trip organisation

If there’s one thing I dislike about travel, it has to be all the arsing around you have to do before you go.

Of all the trips I’ve done in the past, they’ve never been more than a month in duration, so the pre-trip organisation usually boils down to sorting some travel insurance and notifying the bank that my card will be in use overseas so that they don’t mistake my spending abroad for an international card fraud scam. Everything else, well you can deal with it when you get back!

Not this trip though.

Australia pre-trip checklist

Trying to be organised!

Going away for an extended period of time is different. The student loan company for example, want to know some ridiculously specific information about my future travel plans and when I plan on coming back, whereas I on the other hand, don’t know what I’ll be doing past the first week in Oz, let alone in a few years time.

There’s also forms to fill in to claim all the tax I’ve paid this financial year back, something I’m not going to overlook as there’s at least a few good nights out worth due to come back to me!

I’ve also had to cancel my phone contract, my car insurance, my motorbike insurance and my gym membership. I still need to sell my car and my motorbike, though I’ve got the luxury of having my old man to do this on my behalf when I’m gone.

All these things are essential when planning on going away for long-term travel but I really wish they’d take care of themselves, leaving me just to worry about getting to the airport and what I’m going to drink first at the airport bar!

If there’s one silver lining in having to organise all this stuff before I go away it’s that it’s starting to make the whole situation feel real, which it hasn’t really for the past few weeks.

Most of my pre trip organisation is done now, bar a few minor things, which is good considering I leave the country in a few days. I do still have one challenge left though, and that’s deciding what’s coming with me in my rucksack!

Pre-trip packing

I hate packing!



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