First week in Mission Beach

Rainforest Mission Beach

So I’ve been here in Mission Beach for a week now.

It’s fair to say it’s pretty chilled out here, with a perfect beach just a few hundred metres from the hostel and with a pool and hammocks to lounge around in the day, most people spend their days relaxing.

Mission Beach

The gorgeous Mission Beach

After two crazy weeks partying with my OzIntro family in Sydney and Cairns, moving to Mission Beach has been quite a culture shock and I spent the first few days feeling quite anxious, especially as I was told the waiting list for farm work could be between six weeks to two months for guys, not good for my already dwindling bank account.

I did however on the third day of being in Mission Beach do the most incredible thing I’ve done to date, which was Skydive the Beach on Australian Christmas Day. I’ve done a skydive before, in Prague many moons ago, but this one blew that one out of the water.

Skydive Mission Beach

Christmas Day Skydive!

As we were lining up for the jump, the views of the Barrier Reef were incredible and after plummeting back to earth via a cloud, the canopy opened and the view of Mission Beach was breathtaking. I could even see my hostel as I glided down to the beach landing. Definitely an experience I won’t forget anytime soon!

It’s been quite strange staying at the hostel, my best mate Zac is already here and has been for a while. He’s holding on for me to do my farm work so that we can travel the East Coast together and then get a pad in Sydney.

Bonfire on Mission Beach

Bonfire on the beach!

The last few days I’ve been doing night watch at the hostel for free accommodation, which basically means I drink with everyone until they go to bed, then do a bit of cleaning. It’s not a bad gig but I’ve been desperate to get my farm work started with time running out to do the East Coast and get back to Sydney in time for Christmas.

Fortunately, I’ve managed to get on the farm on Monday, meaning I’ve only had to wait just over a week, which I’m stoked about.

As there’s not much to do around here in the days, I’ve been trying to get out of the hostel to do something with my days. Yesterday I went on a free rainforest walk, which was around 15k in total.

Rainforest Walk Mission Beach

Morning Walk!

It was pretty cool but it wasn’t spectacular and I didn’t get to see any snakes, though I’m assured I’ll see plenty on the farm next week!!

I also did a spot of Mangrove fishing the other day, though I didn’t manage to catch anything. An Aussie guy fishing before us left about ten puffer fish lying around though, which if you don’t know, they are very poisonous!

Mangrove fishing

Afternoon spot of fishing

This weekend I’m going white water rafting and then we have a New Years Eve party on Saturday which is pretty surreal given it’s only July, but then again I’ve come to learn that Aussies make any excuse for a party!

For now, I’m going to enjoy the last few days of lounging around before returning to the world of work next week…



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