East Coast Trip: Fraser Island

Fraser Island 4x4

Fraser Island is probably one of the most well known excursions to do when visiting the East Coast of Australia and for good reason.

Fraser Island was by far the best trip I’ve done to date out of all the places I’ve been to and here’s why…!

Fraser Island Tour

Big thumbs up for Fraser Island

The trip kicks off at either Harvey Bay or Rainbow Beach, depending on what tour operator you book with. We booked with Frasers on Rainbow, meaning we departed and returned to Rainbow beach following the tour.

Before you actually get onto Fraser Island there comes the ball ache of the box ticking exercises. By this I mean watching ‘safety’ DVD’s which are so over the top it’s unreal, sorting food/drink and who’s going to be driving out of your group, paying the levy (be aware of this, it’s $85), loading the vehicle and yet another ‘safety’ brief by a local Aboriginal guide.

Great start huh…yeah this part of the tour is pretty annoying, made worse by the nonsense you’re told about the island, including stories of people being arrested for attempted murder for throwing a death adder at a group of people and also groups of women being skinned alive whilst taking selfies at the Champagne pools.

I couldn’t help but think these stories were made up or highly exaggerated to make a point, but to be fair a girl did die a couple of weeks prior to us going there after her vehicle flipped, but again we were told some ridiculous story as to how that happened. All you really need to have prior to setting foot on the island is some degree of common sense and you’ll be fine!

Fraser Island 4x4's

Our sweet rides

Okay the good stuff…To get to Fraser Island from Rainbow Beach, you have to catch a ferry, which takes about 15 minutes to make the short hop across the water. As soon as we were on the island we saw wild dolphins metres from the shore, which was an incredible sight to behold.

After a spot on lunch on the beach whilst we waited for the last vehicle to arrive, we headed to our camp to unload our stuff before heading off to Lake Wabby to spend the afternoon.

Driving a 4×4 on a beach is a pretty unique experience. Couple that with the fact you’ve got a bunch of mates in the back, your favourite tunes belting out and an incredible view stretching across your windscreen and you really do feel like you’re in paradise.

After we spent a few hours at Lake Wabby, messing around in the Lake and getting a free fish pedicure, we headed back to the camp where the chaos of preparing our first evening meal began.

Lake Wabby

Free fish pedicure awaits

The camp doesn’t have the greatest kitchen facilities and there’s only a few gas hobs between the whole tour group but luckily we had self designated chef who kindly did all of our cooking whilst we sat around the campfire and drank goon!

The next day began bright and early and I was fortunate not to be driving first after a fairly heavy night on the goon…We were going to a creek where there is a natural ‘rapids’ that you could float down in rubber rings. The water was freezing and the rapids weren’t really rapid but it was a nice way to forget about the sore head from the night before!

After lunch we drove to the Eastern most tip of the island where we firstly visited the Champagne pools we were told about during the tour briefing. Fortunately nobody was skinned alive, despite ignoring the advice not to take photos on the rocks!

We chilled there for a few hours before heading to Indian Head, a famous Aboriginal site with a dark history. From there you can look out over the ocean and if you’re lucky you can spot Sharks, Turtles and even some big Rays!

Indian Head Fraser Island

View from Indian Head

By now the sun was starting to fade so we headed back to camp, where again the chaos of dinner time unfolded! As it was our last night on camp we decided to party hard and head to the camp nightclub. Those of you that have been there, will know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t been there yet, well I’ll let you discover that little gem for yourself!

Waking up in our 4×4, I knew the night had been a pretty messy one. Everyone felt a bit worse for wear but after breakfast we loaded the vehicles and headed to our last stop on the trip, the stunning Lake McKenzie!

Lake McKenzie is a natural fresh water lake and it’s bloody beautiful. Most people spent the morning playing games in the water or sunbathing on the beach but I opted to just lay motionless in the shallow water, hoping my hangover would dissipate before heading back on the incredibly rough and bumpy track that brought us here.

Lake McKenzie Fraser Island

The end of an epic trip

After our morning trip to Lake McKenzie it was time to head back to Rainbow Beach and finish what was one of the best trips I’ve done and certainly a must do for anyone on the East Coast!

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