A week in Cairns

Lagoon at Cairns

Following my first week in Australia, spent in Sydney with OzIntro, the next stop was Cairns.

Cairns is a city a regional city in the far north of Queensland, and is way hotter than Sydney during their winter period, so the whole of our OzIntro group flew up together to begin what was to be one crazy week!

For those of you who have been to Cairns before, you’ll know that the hostel Gilligans is party central, so the majority of the week was spent chilling out by the lagoon in the day and partying all night.

Gilligan's Hostel Cairns

Party central!

You can’t swim in the sea around Cairns, it’s apparently full of crocs, so Aussies being Aussies, built a massive lagoon and beach inland that is the place to chill out during the day. Backpackers and locals alike all flock there during the day to soak up the sun and have a swim.

The lagoon was probably the most visited site during my stay in Cairns, mainly due to being a bit hungover most days, but also they have some awesome free to use public barbecues. For only a few dollars, between our group we cooked up an epic feast!

The Lagoon at Cairns

The Lagoon at Cairns

I didn’t spend the whole time partying in Cairns though. I’d booked up lots of cool trips to do whilst in Sydney and a fair few of them were based in and around Cairns.

The first trip I did was scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, which was an incredible experience. The scuba diving freaked me out for the first few seconds but I soon got used to it, which is good as I’ve got my open water diving course to come at some point in the near future!

It’s hard to explain what the reef is like, it probably deserves a separate post, but once I edit all the video footage I took there, you’ll see it’s just like watching the film Finding Nemo (although I didn’t actually spot a clown fish!).

Snorkelling in Great Barrier Reef

Snorkelling fun!

I’d never been a big fan of snorkelling but doing it on the reef was on a whole new level compared to back home in the UK!

The other trip I did whilst in Cairns was bungee jumping at AJ Hackett.

I arrived to the trip a bit hungover from a party the night before, but once standing on the edge of the platform the adrenaline soon sorted that out and I managed to (unattractively) sling myself off the tower and down towards the pond below.

The jump was only 50 metres, I’ve done a bigger Canyon Swing in Switzerland but it was still a massive rush!

Bungee Jump Cairns


At the end of the week our group split with some guys staying in Cairns to find work and myself and a few others headed down to Mission Beach, where I currently am now.

The WiFi here isn’t great but I’ll do my best to get some more posts up as it’s been a really awesome couple of days, including a very surreal day yesterday!

For the time being I’m going to be staying here at Mission Beach whilst I wait for farm work so that I can get my second year visa. I’m going to be working for accommodation to stem the flow of money out of my bank account but I hope to be on the farm in a couple of weeks.



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