Weymouth Road Trip 2014

View of Chesil Beach

I passed my Motorcycle test back in December, right in the midst of winter, where every other day came with it’s own flood risk warning.

Aside from the odd weekend ride and daily commute, I hadn’t had the chance to go on a real road trip, or rather, I haven’t wanted to brave the elements for anything less than necessity.

Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day and luckily coincided with the day my mate had rented a Harley for us to go on an epic road trip down to Weymouth and Portland Bill lighthouse.

We’d decided on an early start. I was due to meet him at McDonald’s just off the M5, Bristol Cribbs Causeway at 7am, however due to a fuck up on his part, he managed to fry the battery by leaving it in Run mode all night.

As well as the weather, luck must have been on our side as the rental shop was open early and we managed to get a replacement bike and set off just after 9am. Still early enough to beat the rush!

The route would take us down the A37 through Yeovil before reaching Dorchester then onto Weymouth, I on my Honda CBR600 F4 and my mate on a Harley Davidson Sporster 1200, which was the loudest thing I’ve heard in a long time!
Dicking about on Chesil Beach
The ride down seemed to fly by and before I knew it we’d almost reached Weymouth. We stopped just outside the centre for some breakfast before aimlessly riding around trying to search for fuel station as we’d both near enough ran out.

Weymouth beach front was packed, not surprising given the glorious conditions. One of the best things about being a biker is the free parking and Weymouth didn’t disappoint with plenty of free parking areas for solo motorcyclists.

After ditching the bikes and escaping the sauna like conditions of my helmet and leathers we grabbed an ice cream on the beach and watched as a plethora of bikers cruised past the waterfront.

Our next port of call was Chesil Beach, a pebble beach 18 miles long. We dicked about on it for a while and were fascinated by the amount of fish heads that littered the pebbles.

After Chesil Beach, we headed up to Portland Bill lighthouse, one of the most southerly points of the UK. En route to the lighthouse there was a perfect photo opportunity location, where we took some really nice shots of the bikes with Chesil Beach in the backdrop.

View of Chesil BeachAfter a quick stop at the lighthouse, we decided to call it a day and head back home, via a different route that would take us through a village called Piddlehinton where we stopped to get some pub grub.

I was starting to get tired by this point. My lower back and my ass were starting to ache quite considerably. The whole route was only just over two hundred miles, but by the end of it my body was screaming at me.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first real road trip on the bike and will definitely get some more in over the summer if the nice weather continues!


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