Unplugging for a day

Unplug for a day

It’s no secret.

We live in a world of hyper-connectivity, whereby our lives are beginning to be governed by the amount of friends we have on Facebook or the number of Tweets we send.

The amount of new information we have available at our fingertips is almost unfathomable and it’s no surprise when you look around you the majority of people are buried in their phones or tablets.

I heard a statistic a while ago which claimed that on average, we tend to check our phones every ten minutes.

Assuming the average person has eight hours of sleep a day, that would mean ninety-six checks of the phone per day, which if we said two minutes per check, that’s over three hours of time spent on a phone per day. And at twenty-one hours per week, that’s almost an entire day lost on a weekly basis!

That’s a lot of time spent being largely unproductive and it’s no surprise people often report feeling ‘lost’ without their phones and unable to function.

I’ll admit, I’m guilty of the above, maybe not to that extent but I do spend way too much time trawling my phone on various social networks like the majority of us.

I was on holiday last week at Center Parcs and had the fortune of having no signal for virtually the entire time I was there.

This gave me the opportunity to leave my phone alone and ‘unplug’ from the virtual world we all find ourselves in.

After the initial panic and frustration of having no signal, I accepted the situation and realised it would make a good post for my Year of Action challenge.

Being ‘unplugged’ turned out to be a nice experience. I found that after a while I didn’t miss what was going on in the virtual world as I had more time to enjoy the real world and my mind wasn’t filled with useless information and meaningless status updates.

I swear half of us walk around stressed because we allow the things we see on social networks affect our mood!

In light of this experience, I’m going to make a conscious effort to spend less time on my phone throughout the day. Being on holiday was a nice distraction, so I imagine it’s going to be harder when I’m back in a normal working day routine but I may start by deleting the social media apps from my phone.

I might actually get more done in terms of this blog!

When doing a bit of reading about unplugging, I found this cool website which promotes a worldwide day of unplugging – check it out, I will be participating and you should try it too!




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