Learning to Motorcycle Part 2: Module 1 Test Fail

Learning to motorcycle

I wasn’t going to post this. At least, posting this wasn’t immediately on my mind after spectacularly failing my module 1 test this afternoon, but I think it’s important to reflect  on the bad as well as the good.

So here goes…

Following my CBT a few weeks ago, I booked up and passed my theory test with no issues and promptly contacted the guys at Motag to get a three day direct access (DAS) course booked in.

First training day rolled around pretty quickly on Sunday and I spent the day on a 600cc Yamaha Fazer getting to grips with all the maneouvres I was going to be doing on the Module 1 test as well as bowling around the Module 2 test route.

The day went without any issues and I felt completely comfortable on the bike both on and off-road.

Today was the day of my Module 1 test and I spent the morning continuing to practice the manouvres. Again, I demonstrated perfect control both on the slow and the fast exercises and felt supremely confident that the test wouldn’t provide me with too many troubles.

How wrong was I!

It’s not that the test is particularly difficult. To be fair it isn’t. I just could not get a grip on my nerves. As I waited for two other people to do their tests (both failed) I became more and more nervous.

Epic Bike Fail

Not quite this bad but might as well have been!

After signing the paperwork and heading out to the bike, my body was extremely tense and it took a great deal of concentration just to get the bike smoothly into the pad.

The manual handling part went well and relaxed me somewhat but my nerves flared up again when entering the slalom which caused me to jerkily get through and complete the figure of 8’s.

I composed myself enough to execute the slow ride perfectly and got myself set up for the U-turn.

Now I’d done loads of these during the morning without any trouble and in a tighter area than in the test pad so on paper this should have been a breeze.

After my lifesavers and a few deep breaths I edged forward, took one more lifesaver and began my turn.

This is where I f****d up massively. I was far too cautious causing me to slow down, which in turn made the bike lean and in a panic instead of letting the clutch out slowly, I let it out completely, which coupled with a handful of throttle ensured I hurtled across the pad before executing an emergency stop followed by a string on expletives.

I literally could not believe what I’d just done. Dejected I was told that the test was over and to make my way back out of the pad.

I still can’t believe what I did. I know I can ride and ride well, but handling my nerves under those conditions are a whole other ball game.

Nothing I can do about it now except to book another test in a week or two and come up with a way to stay composed :-)





  1. geo   •  

    Yep just failed for second time and gutted, been trawling for some advice. Can ride all the stuff easily but when it comes to the test esp second totally F….up!!!
    I think this test is total crap especially does it simulate real conditions??, hang on car door open better get to 50kph before i swerve!!!


    • Pittsy   •     Author

      Yeah it’s a bit of a ball ache, my biggest bit of advice would be to try and relax, you’ll handle the bike so much better when you’re not tense.

      Give it another crack and keep it up, you’ll pass eventually, good luck :)

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