Learning to Motorcycle Part 4: Module 2 Pass

Honda CBR600 F4

Going to make this a quick entry as I never got round to writing it straight after my test!

So yeah, just under two months after taking my first taster session with GetOn, I passed the final piece of the motorcycle licence puzzle.

The test itself was pretty straightforward.

After a briefing and getting kitted up, the examiner asked me a series of show me/tell me questions, which were pretty straightforward though nerves made me struggle to explain how I’d check the brake lights were working!

Then it was onto the road ride element of the test. Again this was pretty simple and didn’t take as long as I expected it to.

About thirty minutes of riding which included a variety of road conditions and demonstrations of safely pulling away from a stationary position and it was back to the test centre.

I was pretty confident that I’d passed as I rolled up to the parking bay and gave my instructor the thumbs up, though I was aware that I could have been a bit too cocky and have it bite me on my ass.

Which it nearly did…I’d passed with three minors, though two were for the same ‘offence’ meaning I was only one minor away from a failure..phew!

Since passing, I purchased myself a lovely Honda CBR600f and have been enjoying the relatively little time out on the road due to the horrific British weather. Still, I’ve got summer ahead of me and lots of fun to be had!



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