Learning To Motorcycle Part 3: Module 1 Pass

Learning to motorcycle

Two weeks ago to the day I was sat feeling rather dejected writing the post about how I managed to royally f**k my first attempt at the module 1 test.

Conscious of the fact the year is rapidly coming to an end  and with the winter weather drawing ever closer, I managed to get a late cancellation spot to re-sit my module 1 test this morning.

It meant getting up at 06:30 and starting my hours pre-test training in the pitch dark but I decided to give it another go but this time adopting the “I’ll pass when I pass” mentality so as to reduce the amount of pressure I put on myself.

I’ll admit, as the heavens opened whilst my freezing corpse manoeuvred the bike through the slalom practice, I wished I’d stayed in bed and had postponed the test till a warmer season.

I only spent 20 minutes or so practicing the manoeuvres so I didn’t over-think them and the rest of the hour was spent out on the roads practicing the swerve between speed bumps.

It wasn’t long before I was back in the examiners office for the pre-test briefing and I noticed that I was a lot less nervous this time round, maybe due to the fact I knew what to expect, though I was still dreading the U-turn which turned out to be my nemesis at the last attempt!

After the manual handling exercise I managed to wobble my way through the slalom before settling into the figure of eight with no issues.

The slow ride was a piece of cake but I started to feel a bit aprehensive once I aligned myself ready for the U-turn with flash-backs of my epic fail last time round.

This time round I did the U-turn fine with about a foot of space to spare and breathed a sigh of relief as I headed into unchartered territory with the emergency stop and hazard avoidance to go.

The compound was wet but the surface is grippy so I felt comfortable pinning the throttle open as I headed towards the speed trap ensuring that I hit the required speed.

Both manoeuvres went without hitch with my speed at 55kph for both the emergency stop and the hazard avoidance.

Heading back into the test centre I felt quietly confident and my optimism was validated when the examiner gave me the good news, a pass with no rider faults.

Only the module 2 test to go before I’m officially  a biker!



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