Survival Running: Beat the Bus 8k

Survival Running

My first event of the year, saw a group of forty or so individuals packed onto a bus leaving a pub car park under the cloak of darkness.

We were the final wave of the night and were told that we’d have one hour to complete the course before the bus would leave without us. I’m not convinced that would have happened but it was cold, dark and wet so I wasn’t going to leave it to chance.

The race itself consisted of a four kilometre off road lap across open ground and through muddy woodland, with the odd obstacle thrown in for good measure.

I’ve done many obstacle races in my time but never one that required the use of a head torch and flashing LED’s to mark out the route.

Over the open ground, the supplied head torch provided just enough light to see what you were about to stand on and periodic flashing LED’s made sure you weren’t going to run off the face of the earth.Survival Running

Into the woodland it was a little less clear, with select trees marked with white tape the only thing keeping you from falling into a muddy ravine.

Talking of muddy ravines, the main obstacle was a descent under a cargo net into a bog filled ditch that you had to crawl through under a man made tunnel. It stank and was freezing cold, sapping your energy for the remainder of the lap.

Despite suffering from flu and throwing up half way round, I managed to finish second in my wave and got back to the bus with plenty of time to spare.

Whilst it wasn’t the most challenging obstacle race I’ve ever done, the fact it was at night added a new element to contend with and made it great fun, a format I think could become popular as long as the health and safety freaks don’t jump in it’s case!

Thanks to Survival Running for putting on a decent event and the free pint after :)


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