2.8 Hours Later Bristol

2.8 Hours Later

What do you get when you put together a sprawling urban landscape, groups of thrill seekers and hordes of the undead? The answer needs to be experienced rather than explained but here goes.

2.8 Hours Later is a zombie chase game set in various cities across the UK. It also happens to be my third time playing it in the city of Bristol.

Not more than a few hours ago, I found myself shuffling, creeping and sprinting around the streets of Bristol whilst trying to avoid a plethora of the walking dead. I won’t give too much away in terms of what actually happens, you have to experience it. But here’s a little overview;

The premise of the game is to move from the start location to the safe zone via a serious of interweaving subplots that are mapped out across the city. Each checkpoint is brilliantly brought to life by the talented actors *ahem* other survivors who play their part in drawing you into a bizarre reality.

2.8 Hours Later Zombies

Post zombie apocalypse selfie!

Standing in your way of ‘survival’ is the walking dead themselves. Some shuffle, some scream, some sprint, but all are played to perfection by the volunteers who make the game what it is.

This years 2.8 hours later involved less running than the previous two I did, however the final ‘kill zone’ was intense! I think even Usain Bolt himself might have been caught had he got involved.

Should you make it to the end, there’s a zombie disco complete with a bar, arcade games and the opportunity to share your stories from the night with the other survivors. Oh yeah and if you were caught during the game, you’ll have been turned into a zombie by this point!

Sound easy? It’s not. Sounds fun? It definitely is!




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